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Melisa - Posted on May 28, 2015

I've been in relationships where I have been emotionally hurt so that sometimes I thought I could not forgive them but the closer I got to God the stronger I became and it was easier to forgive and move on. Yes, no one knows what you're going through because they're not feeling what you're feeling but remember, be strong and live a life pleasing to God. I know it's difficult but give your worries to God and he will direct you. I'ts not the end to make a change in your life. Be happy and show the devil you can face anything he throws at you. I'm glad I know Jesus.

Arvin - Posted on May 24, 2015

Hi friends!!!I hope you guys are blessed with the Lord today!!!Today I just want to remind you that you should never ever give up with your life!!!Even if you are the ugliest person around the world. God loves you so much!!!I know!!!Please be strong in life and never forget to pray!!!LIVE LIFE WITH HAPPINESS AND LOVE!!!AND LIVE LIFE WITH THE LORD!!!Take good care of yourselves, everybody!!!

Arvin - Posted on May 24, 2015

Nick - Posted on May 21, 2015<br /> <br /> Hey Mr. My answer is you stay...remove the fear in your heart!!do not imprison yourself with your own fear..you survived your 46 years in life, right? Maybe God wants you to live longer than other people did.. ^_^ Cheer up my friend..you fit in God's loving hands..DON'T FORGET TO PRAY!!!

Ash - Posted on May 22, 2015

I had just started middle school at the time this happened. I had to transfer schools, so I had no one. The first couple weeks went by and I had maybe two friends. I was different from everyone; Ialready knew that! But what I didn't know was how mean people could be.. until.. this: once people started noticing me because I was different they started calling me names. They were telling me I was to ugly to be alive, I'm too fat, and that I was worthless. I had acne as a preteen who just hit puberty, so my last name became part of the bullying. My last name rhymes with acne.<br /> After that I broke down to the point of depression, to the point I didn't want to be alive. My friends that stuck with me gave me the courage to fight through it. They saved my life!

Nick - Posted on May 21, 2015

Right now I so feel like the lad who shot himself in the school. I feel as though I'm in a place/world where no one gives a damn about me. All my 46 yrs of life I've been depressed and down. When I think I've found love/the feeling of being wanted by someone, it falls apart. (Wow they say love is blind). My parents DIDN'T want me from the get go; my so called brothers DIDN'T want me being at home. School was a nightmare as I was bullied there. ALL through my childhood and teens I had nobody to turn to, friends, family etc. I became a 'Christian' through a Billy Graham mission in London, U.K. in 1989 and over the years never felt more alone. Tried to fit in but still an outsider. CAN'T make friends because of fear of rejection and hate, etc. I really don't know where I am anymore. Do I stay or do I go? If I go-what's after life???<br />

David - Posted on May 19, 2015

God bless you. My name is David. The grace of God reaches to so many lives since He is the only one who can save, heal and solve the problems that we have in our lives. I am writing from Peru.

Joshelin - Posted on May 18, 2015

<br /> With me, everything goes wrong. My parents, I don't mind them. I fell in love with someone and I really want it to work. Already I do not want to be a burden to anyone. I don't want people to look at me as a crazy or sick mind. I have always been good and help my neighbor and I defended the fair but life has not been good. Now I just want to disappear. I sleep a lot and because I don't have anyone to wake up to. It's just me and the world, the world and I.

Anita - Posted on May 16, 2015

I was a geek in school and everyone was laughing of me. They said I was too fat, too ugly, not so cool. I didn't do anything to them, that was unfair. I started planning my suicide. I was sitting with a knife in front of my chest many times but I just couldn't do it. I've suffered from an eating disorder. It lasted for a year. My parents knew, whole family knew but they didn't do anything. I was sexually abused by my first boyfriend and my brothers. I thought that was my fault. Now it is a little bit better but still have days when I wish I was not alive. Still have days I think I'm not good enough and that I don't deserve to live. I'm depressed but I'm trying to forget all my past and start a new life, stop complaining and be myself like before all of THIS started.

Anonymus - Posted on May 15, 2015

I was on the edge of commiting suicide until my friend found out and stopped me. She was so worried she slept over all the time, put me on watch and stuff like that. A couple years later we faded apart and I was on the same trail until I got asked out by a guy who is a year older than me and he found out. He showed me how much people loved me and how much they would miss me. Then I saw this movie and it reminded me of my story and I related so much to it. I also learned a lot and hope not to ever want to commit suicide again.

Dakota - Posted on May 15, 2015

When I started high school it was amazing. The first day and until the first year, but the second was depressing. I felt ill at ease with others, as if I was a fish on Mars. I started with starving, from there I passed to purging my food. I did not have much support from my mom since she works and didn't see it much. My sister has had problems and my mother thinks that I'm going to make the same mistakes that my sister did. I try to not be like my sister but sometimes it is inevitable and I don't know what to do. When I fight with my mom I take an attitude of indifference. Then I want to cut, then I feel guilty. I still have depression and don't know what to do.

Cole - Posted on May 13, 2015

Not to long ago I only just started at a new school where all of my primary school friends already were and my best friend had a girlfriend. So his girlfriend wasn't socializing with him at all it was if he didn't exist. I told him the facts and he told me he was already planning on breaking up with her. She passed him a note in class saying I heard you were going to break up with me. He simply said you don't acknowledge me so, yes. Now a term later after tearing our friends inside out and making all of our female friends hate us, she had started dating our other best friend. Now they hadn't even spoken much before this happened so, I personally believe she's trying to get back at her previous boyfriend. So I asked her why she was dating this friend of mine and all I got was "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT (friends name) BROKE UP WITH ME." Now I didn't do anything and she blames me.

Leelee - Posted on May 12, 2015

I had a hard life from losing my father to a massive heart attack. My paternal grandmother had put me out when I was an infant. My mother took me to a shelter and we lived there for a couple of mouths. I have lupus and anxiety which makes me tired all the time. I suffer with panic attacks and my father was an alcoholic all his life. My father was absent in my life for a long time. My father died at 56 years old. <br /> I suffered with gum disease and tooth decay all my life which led me to lose all of my teeth at the age of 35. I am wearing full dentures due to my health. <br /> I was molested as a baby by a family member, which made me suffer from depression in my teens years and adult years. <br /> I was hospitalized for emotional stress and a suicidal attempt a year ago. <br />

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