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Rocio - Posted on November 14, 2014

Hello, my name is Rocio from de Argentina. I was much touched by this film. It is a great film. God bless you much.

Candela - Posted on November 14, 2014

My name is Candela. I am 13. I have many problems in truth... Family and myself... I would like to help each of you. Please give me the opportunity by writing to me here. Love.

John - Posted on November 14, 2014

Hi. I am 18 years old. I thank God for his grace through us. Winning souls is my passion. We created a care group to imitate God. We want to conquer all youth in Iriga, the Philippines, for Christ. Now we declare that all youth in Iriga and beyond are for Christ. I thank God for his saving Grace for us. We Exalt you Jesus.

Mark - Posted on November 13, 2014

I tried killing myself 9 times, and I cut for 2 1/2 years. Many of my scars are still slightly visible. I was thrown in a trash can, poured gas on and almost lit on fire. I was jumped by a bunch of 8th graders in 3rd grade. I was stabbed with a pocket knife in my back and on my arm. I was raped when I was little and my step-dad beat me. I felt unappreciated, unloved, and I thought I had no purpose. Also I thought that everybody was right that this world would be better off without me but one day one of my closest friends was worried about me and had an intervention and it woke me up that I had some people that cared about me. It opened my eyes that why should I listen to other people and try to please them? If you don't like me then so be it. ďThe hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave and live for you."

Carlos - Posted on November 12, 2014

A lot to be done .. A lot to thank.

Juma - Posted on November 09, 2014

I like the movie so much and I can even relate it to my life. I really wanted to help people who have problems but I can't...for some reason I'm just acting like I didn't notice them at all because I'm scared of being judged. Whenever I try to start a move, I immediately turn my back. But now...I've learned, there is nothing to be ashamed off since only God can judge us. No one can and no one will.

Roger - Posted on November 09, 2014

It is truly sad that people are such cowards. They are so scared to be seen with people that are not considered cool. So they choose to exclude others instead of being open and friendly.<br /> <br /> By doing this you are showing to yourself and to others that you are not good enough. That you are a limited, scared person and you will never be happy. <br /> <br /> People who only circle around their own group are considered to be not very intelligent, not knowing how to bridge the gap to different people.<br /> <br /> If I were God I would reward those who are open minded, not focused on excluding. My grandmother said once that in her youth children were all playing happily together. <br /> <br /> Like John Wayne said, a man's got to do what a man's got to do so you go your own way, make your own decisions and don't walk with the rest of the scared sheep who stick together because on their own thye are nothing.<br /> <br />

Adriana - Posted on November 08, 2014

Congratulations, I saw the movie and I found it an excellent way to bring God's message to the youth that need it

Xuan - Posted on November 05, 2014

All of you are helpful. So many people in the world need your help if you know what you can do.<br /> I live in Vietnam, one of the Asian countries, where everyone loves each other, have respect for each other, where most people are friendly.<br /> If you have no where to go, welcome to my country. You will have so many things to do, have a good job, and you can teach people English. Most children here would like to learn English, and the other Asian countries are the same.<br /> It is very difficult for me to write down these words, because I've been learning English for 5 months.<br /> I hope someone would like to make friends with me, to talk about everyday things, to teach me English.<br /> <br /> Xuan

Simran - Posted on November 04, 2014

I got diagnosed with depression at 13. I self-harmed, tried taking my life, got hospitalized, became violent, left home, dropped out of school, medicated, called names & overall I was hopeless. I'm now 17 & have changed my life around a lot and I can gladly say I donít feel the way I once did. One day I woke up and realised that I didnít want to do this to myself anymore. Lifeís too short and the clocks keep ticking and we canít stop the clock and neither can we go back. Make every day count. Smile, laugh, love & create beautiful memories. We all get caught up in yesterday and tomorrow so that we forget what today has to offer. Everyone has the right to be happy whether itís YOU or ME or ANYONE in this world. I lost myself and I think at some point we all do, but itís never too late to find yourself. Be who you want to be and not what someone else wants you to be

VinŪcius - Posted on November 04, 2014

I am 20 years old. I was an athlete until recently. I went to college for Physical Education in 2012. In the first half of the school year, I met a boy who soon became my friend. In the first half of 2014 he died. I learned that it was due to anemia, and it had reached a point that only a blood transfusion would save him, but he had no donor. The worst is that I didn't keep up with him and barely spoke to him anymore. I did not hear or realize that he did not feel loved. I'm a universal donor, and his body probably would have accepted my blood. I feel guilty for not having heard him and that his life I could have saved.

Vanii - Posted on November 03, 2014

Hi. My Name is Vanii. I'm 15 years old. I've been a cutter since I Was 11. It hurt me. My family doesn't really care about me. To say it in another way, I'm like a ghost to them. My mom is just cheating on my dad. It's so hard for me since I'm just a teen. My sisters don't help. Every moment I want to cut my hands because of my family, friends, school. I just think, why me? People think I'm lesbian and I'm not. Why should I go through all of this? I can't handle it. Can I end my life? Can I just die? No one will care if I'm gone. I'm lost! What should I do? "(

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